Field Service Management Tool (web&mobile app)


Field Service Management Tool (web&mobile app)

SolydEra is a leading company in high temperature fuel cell technology (SOFC, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells) with plants in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.

In 2019 we collaborated with them for the creation of web and mobile applications dedicated to the monitoring and use of information on BlueGEN products (high efficiency fuel cell micro-cogenerators), as better described in this project sheet

Now we are working with them for the creation of a web and mobile system dedicated to the management of field assistance tickets on SOLIDpower products. The purpose of the software is to create a web application for the insertion of technical assistance tickets into the system. The technician in charge will receive the work orders directly on the mobile application (Android, iOS), which will propose the best route to reach the places where the products to be maintained are located.

The app can also be connected to the product to check its status and send specific commands to solve the problem.

IDE: Visual Studio 2022, Visual Studio Code

Technologies: .Net Core, Asp.Net Core, Entity Framework Core, C#, Postgre, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS3, Angular, Bootstrap, DevExtreme, Node.js, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android

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