Our headquarters is located near Trento, a city which, also thanks to the vicinity of the IT-specialized university department, is a nurturing environment for the development, innovation and internationalization in the fields of technology and information science.

By choice, we don’t have a commercial network, thus offer direct consulting, tutoring and project development to our customers. To get in touch with us, please write us an email at the address provided below.
Factory Mind Società Coperativa
Via Kufstein 5, Spini di Gardolo – 38121 Trento (TN)
Voice: +39 0461 042400
Mobile: +39 335 6362164
Mail: factorymind@legalmail.it
An information technology hub of 130 employees, built with energy efficiency standards and carbon footprint: this is the headquarters of our software factory, inaugurated in 2012 in Spini di Gardolo (Trento).

This building has achieved the Leed 2009 Italy certification GOLD level. This Certification measures the environmental impact according to broad criteria: energy saving, reduction of light emissions and the water consumption (in the building there is a recovery tank of rainwater), geothermal heating system, placement in an area served by public transport, reduction of parking space, installation of a power unit for electric cars.

Even the lighting system is efficient for energy saving: it is managed by an automatic system that disables the artificial lights in case of sufficient natural light, also thanks to sensors that detect people presence or absence in the environments. To prevent glare was also installed an external shading system that independently orients based on the performance solar.

In this new technology hub there are more than ten companies besides Factory Mind. These companies are are the first in Trentino that have form a consortium to share the energy produced from renewable sources.
Download press release on inauguration of company building
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