Implementation of the web-shop for Ninz spa


Implementation of the web-shop for Ninz spa

Ninz Spa is a manufacturer of high-end fire doors, a leader in Italy and with a thriving market also in various European and non-EU countries such as France, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey, Russia, Panama.

Factory Mind supported Ninz in the strategic transition from AS400 management software to Microsoft Dynamics. Specifically, we have developed from scratch the portal for the configuration and purchase of Ninz products. This portal is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and allows the user to configure the products both in a "bulk" manner (i.e. an interface that allows you to create purchase orders quickly and easily designed for the purchase of large quantities), both from an easy and intuitive 3D interface that gives the user a step-by-step preview of the final result.

IDE: Rider, Visual Studio Code

Tecnologie: Docker, Microsoft .Net 7, Entity Framework, C#, Microsoft Dynamics, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS3, Angular, Bootstrap, Node.js, DevExtreme.

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