Mobile application for cruise ship passengers


Mobile application for cruise ship passengers

TROLL SYSTEM operates in the Industrial Electronics sector for sectors such as industrial automation, information technology, telecommunications, electro-medical, home automation, collective catering, refrigeration. The company was founded in Verona in 1994 and today covers an area of ​​about 7,000 square meters built with advanced technologies capable of minimizing energy consumption and guaranteeing its customers all stages of the design and production of electronic boards. The company has won prestigious international projects for the innovation of its solutions.

TROLL also supplies its components for the construction of air handling units in the "Marine" sector: terminal units for passenger and crew cabins; fan coil units for cabins, public spaces and technical rooms; fan heater unit. As part of this specific sector, we have created a mobile application typically designed for passengers on a cruise ship with which they can pair - via bluetooth - their smartphone with the cabin air conditioning system to manage the temperature or report to the crew the need to redo the cabin or, on the contrary, not to be disturbed.

IDE: Visual Studio Code

Tecnologie: Ionic, Android, BLE, iOS, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS3, Angular, Bootstrap, Node.js, DevExtreme.

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