Smart Factory Platform for Röchling Group


Smart Factory Platform for Röchling Group

Smart Factory Platform for Röchling Group

We cooperate with Röchling Group for the implementation of their Smart Factory Platform. Röchling Group is a family-owned, medium-sized corporate group that specializes in processing engineering plastics; 9,000 employees in about 80 locations in almost 22 countries, turnover of +1.7 billion €.

The platform aims to digitize a wide range of production processes from an Industry 4.0 perspective, used on approximately 1000 production lines (currently 5 plants in extension out of the remaining 17), satisfying the following requirements:

  • interfacing with individual machines by collecting and pre-processing field data using low latency technologies / protocols (MQTT client / broker) and a distribution / monitoring system for individual devices (about 2000 units) with Kubernetes and Docker

  • present a completely web interface accessible from mobile / tablet / desktop for the management of production processes and the organization / monitoring / predictivity of maintenance interventions

  • monitor production activity through KPIs displayed on line totems (about 700 units) or giant screens (20 units) in production

  • perform periodic monitoring and recalculation jobs, supported by a system of push notifications, instant messaging and email

  • interact with Bluetooth beacon to allow agile connection between mobile devices and adjacent production lines (in addition to signaling the escape from safety perimeters)

  • present a mobile Android / iOS native production management app

  • present a mobile app for monitoring Android / iOS cross platform Bluetooth beacons (Nativescript)

  • implement a complete system of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

  • integrate with SAP and related customizations, managing the input (orders and predictive) and output (final and costs) of the production processes

  • operate in HA 24/7 on plants distributed in 4 continents

IDE: Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, Android Studio, XCode
Technologies: Python, Django - Django REST Framework, Android/iOS, Nativescript, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, SAP

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